Is miley cyrus dating justin bieber world worst dating advice 8

Yup, according to sources at TMZ, Miley and Justin (who have been pals for a while now) were partaking in some seriously "hardcore flirting"."We're told the two hung out for roughly 15 minutes ... and they both left the theater at the same time, just after 2 AM.

It's unclear where they went after the show."Wow, fifteen minutes together. The former Hanna Montana star made sure to label a possible romance with the Biebz as "impossible" (well, obviously! What do you think of Miley's and Justin Bieber's supposed flirtation?

Word on the street is that Miley and Justin have been working together to create some new music.

With Justin’s ever-changing style and Miley’s flare of attitude, we think something great will come of this.

But being close friends means spending a lot of time together…

and spending a lot of time together leads to who knows what else? So, in other words he’s probably looking for some “southern hospitality” if you know what I mean. Whether the two stars left the club together or simply walked out together is unclear, but a source later reported Miley and Justin spending more time together later that night.

They’re such a success story and a great example of how things can work out after a breakup.

Miley and Lim [sic] give Justin hope that he and Selena could have a happy ending too.” Bieber and Cyrus are “tight”? As the story goes on, it becomes more and more clear why Hollywood Lies manufactured it.

Miley is handing Justin an award for winning “Top Male Artist” and for gettin’ his “sing” on.

It would be totally natural to see Miley and Justin together.

Now they’re not even together anymore, and the blog is predicting Gomez and Bieber could “go all the way to the altar.” It’s absolutely ridiculous, and shows that these serial fabricators are more like fan-fiction writer than journalists.

Mileybird was chilling, reading some gossip rags, when she stumbled upon two different rumors about herself so she decided to do what anyone would do and set the record straight. First, Miley cleared the air on the whole Flawless.

The webloid notes, “Miley and Liam broke up in Sept. They later reunited in early 2016, and have since gotten engaged again.

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