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The change was meant for arenas and resto/ele shams sitting on their totems.

I play enhancement and I was very good at cycling tremor with earthbind and stoneskin, but yea its nice to insta break everyones fear while being feared it sucks to have it be a 1min cd.

As I said, he couldn't do that if you placed it properly. edit: I suppose I should talk about old tremor in the past tense now.

If you simply whack the totem and then fear you will be in line of sight from the shaman, and he'll drop another tremor on that side of the pillar/boxes/whatever and run around to your side. I've never had an issue with this as high as 2.4k unless I or my teammates screw up somehow.

For example; - I miss the fact that my tremor gets killed, I get full feared. - I get polyd/blinded/cycloned whilst someone whacks totem and fears me out of that CC. Once again, this is from the POV of a resto shaman (and to a lesser extent elementals). First, if someone stuns YOU then you can't break fear from your team.

So after the 3s and 2s I played you can break a full duration fear, but then you get screwed after fears diminishing return is over.

In my eyes its definitely a nerf for every Sham spec.

If only it lasted a little longer now and didn't have quite so long of a cd.

Overall, yes, a nerf even to enhancement but not a complete loss.It still breaks the non targetted Fear of intimidation shout though.. : PThe intimidating shout when casted at you also has a mezz effect. However, it is still a fear at heart and it used to be broken by tremor.It seems that the new tremor somehow does not get rid of the mezz effect because of a bug.If I could drop it at the healers feet (instead of the melee) it wouldn't be so bad. First, if someone stuns YOU then you can't break fear from your team.It may not be relevant in Arena, but I spent most of Tol Barad being dead or being stunned. Second, if they really did slash the range in half, then I see it as being really bad for Pv E.Plus it's tad easier for lock to kill that Tremor off when you are dropping them next to him. Playing 3s with double melee and they both get Ao E fear'd? Drop Tremor and instaly dispell them totally ignoring possible magic debuffs they might have. Keep dropping Tremor and running away so he cant get straight shot to you and your totem at the same time. Even old one would have been a lot more balanced without it. As enhancement I like being able to keep earthbind for the slow/slow removals with the occasional stoneclaw bubble without worrying about fears while doing so.

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