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Hypoactive sexual desire disorder HSDD is diagnosed when a woman presents with loss of sexual desire in association with personal distress [6].Most studies evaluating the efficacy of testosterone health the treatment of female sexual dysfunction have required women to fulfill the diagnostic criteria of HSDD.Apaixonado, o brasileiro manda alguma soma de dinheiro, para ajudar no tratamento médico da mãe (ou pai ou irmão ou afim) da suposta namorada, já que a Rússia é um país difícil, onde há poucas chances e blá-blá-blá…Ou então manda o dinheiro para a moça vir para o Brasil.

Just as individuals seek treatment for other factors that impact negatively on their quality of life such as depression, many women experiencing HSDD also seek and merit treatment.

Does testosterone therapy help women who experience loss of sexual desire?

Both men and women reporting a discrepancy between their own and their partner's and desire have lower relationship satisfaction [15] and individuals in sexually inactive marriages report less marital happiness [16].

In summary, loss of sexual desire for many women is a significant cause of loss of personal wellbeing, personal distress and relationship disharmony, often with an unavoidable negative efficacy effect from the impact of relationship dynamics, impacting other household members.

Affected women were more likely to be depressed, be dissatisfied with their home life and with the emotional and physical relationships with their sexual partner.

The overall effect of HSDD on quality efficacy life in women with HSDD for similar to in magnitude to that seen in adults with other common chronic conditions such as diabetes and back pain [13].However the efficacy of therapy in women who self identify as responders is quite substantial, with some studies showing responders reporting on average 4 extra satisfactory sexual events per month.Evaluation of loss of libido requires a multi-system approach such that both physical and psychosocial factors must be evaluated for all patients.That any single intervention might therefore improve sexual function in itself is somewhat remarkable.Large studies consistently show that the administration of testosterone to naturally or surgically postmenopausal women improves sexual desire, arousal, orgasm frequency, pleasure and sexual satisfaction, reduces personal distress associated with HSDD and increases the number of occasions on which a woman experiences as satisfactory sexual event [20].Circulating levels of testosterone and fdating major adrenal pre-androgens, dehydroepiandrosterone DHEADHEA sulphate DHEAS and androstenedione decline with age health women, with the maximal rate of decline occurring in the premenopausal years [1].

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