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Some examples of the different user’s rooms are the Flirt Café, the Quiz Room, and the Pool Area.

In these public chat rooms, users can chat with many different users at the same time or just invite that special someone to a private chat.

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In a 3D chatroom, users can create their own personal avatar, move through the 3D space and chat with many different users.

The 3D space is a very modern way for users to communicate.

In the Café for 30 , users in the same age group can make friends with people in their similar age range.

Other 3D chat rooms in Smeet are organized by theme where users can meet and chat.

One of the most funny way the Twinizens are choosing to express themself is dancing 3D, because when they are having fun they want to dance and show to the others how cool they are.

You’ll have a chance to find someone to hook up with at the party! You can dance a 3D tango, merengue and charleston; you can hug and kiss and be romantic; you can flirt or be friendly clapping an high five to a mate of yours; you can fight with pillows or play an instrument.

Every user has the opportunity to create his or her own personal user room where they can create their own personal 3D chat room.

Then, each user can have a community meet-up of his or her friends in their personalized user room!

The account owner will not be entitled to a refund of any currency or any form of credit. Begging/Soliciting in any form is prohibited in all game chats and channels.

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