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I have friends who’ve gotten engaged two months after their first date and married less than six months later.

I know other couples who’ve dated for three, four, even five or more years before walking down the aisle.

Before you make that lifetime commitment, you want to make sure you are marrying an authentic and loving person who will always be true to you. The answer lies in the length of your dating relationship.

It’s a perennial question for romantics and rationals alike: what is a reasonable time frame to get to know a person well enough to make them your spouse for life…and at the same time not uselessly or dangerously dragging out a dating or engagement period?

If you have had unprotected sex, have your doctor do a screening for STD’s. Your date won’t take “no” for an answer, and requests are really demands.

Don’t assume your partner is monogamous—especially if you haven’t discussed it in detail.

No longer are marriagesarranged by parents using only a "head" approach to logical companionship.

Likewise,it's clear that the "love is all you need" approach isn't informed enough to guide loversinto relationships that are consistently capable of standing the test of time. Van Epp is systematic in laying out the fundamentals of healthy relationships and theelements that contribute to love and bonding.

Couples in long distance relationships, for instance, have the difficulty of getting to know each other well enough to make a marriage commitment across miles of separation.

For them, a dating period might necessarily be longer.

As I continue to investigate what relationship experts have to say on the subject, it becomes more and more clear that just about everyone has a different answer to this question—and they all think they have the right answer.

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