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The photograph of him wearing his cap was taken long after 1916 as men in the trenches started to take the wire stiffener out of their caps at this time as the caps were found to be uncomfortable whilst on active service, it would also have been taken after 1919 when the medals that he is wearing (looks like pip, squeak, and wilfred but I could be wrong) were issued.

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Although he is wearing medal ribbons the photograph is not clear enough (nor close enough) to say which medals they represent, they could be ones awarded for service pre world war one or even ones earned during that conflict.

His Service Cap still has its stiffener in the crown area and looks newly issued (or very well cared for) again the image is not too clear to form an opinion on the regiment from the badge.

Included were some pictures of him during his army career.

I sent off to the Mod earlier this year and recieved his service records, so I know he was in the Royal Engineers, joined up aged 19 in 1915.

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That's very interesting Don about the hats not being worn in the trenches.

The second probably then circa 1920, if he is not yet corporal and the medals are post 1919.

A cousin of my fathers was very kind enough to send me several photographs of my paternal great grandfather this week.

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