Harvest moon 64 dating guide

If your crop wins, you get nothing except respect from the townspeople and probably a better rating when your farm is rated.

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The first year you win, you get an Invincible Katori. This festival opens the swimming season even though you only swim at this festival.

Cow Festival: Date- 4th of Fall Location- Green Ranch The day before the festival, the Green Ranch Owner comes by your place to see if you want to enter a cow.

There are also special bachelorettes and bachelors that have much more requirements and an invisible heart level, making them much harder to marry.

In order to marry a bachelor or bachelorette, you must increase their heart level to red first.

The heart level will be shown each time you talk to the person, and it will go from black, to purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally, red.

You can increase this daily by giving them gifts and talking to them, but just having a red heart isn't enough!

Fireworks: Date- 1st of Summer Location- Depends At night, you can go and find one of the eligible girls to watch the fireworks with. Vegetable Festival: Date- 9th of Summer Location- Town Square The Fat Gourmet Judge shows up here to judge the best crops.

It is best to go to the location where the girl you're trying to woo is watching the fireworks. YOu can bring one along to try and win, or you can go empty handed.

In Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, your child can only be a son.

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