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In the Hippocratic treatises , when the nose is fractured, the physician is told to roll up lint in a rag or in thin Carthaginian leather (chosen because it is so soft) and insert this into the nose.

The ancient Greek word used here is the indispensable ancient Greek-English dictionary by Liddell, Scott and Jones (known cheerfully to classicists as ‘LSJ’) also gives ‘tent, tampon’.

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As regular readers of Wonders & Marvels know, I did my Ph D on ancient Greek menstruation and I also feel I’m on a crusade to clear up some of the ‘creative’ (actually, just plain wrong) statements about Hippocrates that are out there on the WWW.

In a previous post here I’ve looked at the ‘using rags’ theory.

’ question, can we really find anything like that in ancient Greek medicine?

Variations on other internet sites that seem to derive from the Tampax claim include “as described in the writings of Hippocrates, a tampon used pieces of wood, wrapped [sic] fiber” and, with a cheerful disregard for the whole Greece/Rome thing, “Apparently Hippocrates documented that Roman women used wooden sticks wrapped with lint.”. Someone else has realised that there is an important question about how we are supposed to know this: what’s the evidence?

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