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Suddenly the entire world thinks he's gay, and his parents' solution is to send him off to a gay conversion camp. But I'm A Cheerleader AU written for this prompt which basically summarizes as: rebellious tentacle-alien! What happens when two rival alphas are forced into a mating bond??

Jared gets a new human pet who's altered for breeding. In a world where alphas hold power and mated-betas are naturally submissive to their alphas, two business competitors are compelled into accepting the other as their life-partner.

Jared makes Jensen’s summer better than he ever could have expected, but when his vacation is up and he has to return to the real world, Jensen finds that he's fallen in love with someone who can only truly love the ocean. As a night security guard, he protects empty buildings by sitting on his ass and watching the security cameras while listening to a lot of talk radio.

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What he didn't expect was one of the Dragon's worst villains to kill his parents and his life changed forever after that night.

Being the adopted son of his hero's alter ego Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jared vows to do whatever it takes to prove himself to Jeff that he is a worthy hero.

at San Diego Convention Center on Sunday (July 21) in San Diego, Calif.

The two guys were joined by their co-star Felicia Day.

Only, hilarity ensues in the way they approach to complete the stunt they pulls off in doing so.

Jared has a shot at starting quarterback on the football team when it all comes crashing down on him.

Jared has always been a fan of heroes and hopes to someday be the sidekick to his favorite hero the Dragon.

After a bad break up Josh decides to marry the person his twin brother Jensen selects for him.

Said friends, always ready for a party, are more than on board with his plan.

Although I only tagged for Jared/Jensen, another RPF pairing is mentioned in passing, a couple of original characters are courting and toward the end of the story, Jensen discusses the potential for another RPF pairing. Jensen has been in the spotlight ever since he was born. The two boys meet one day while finding an escape, and find something beautiful in the process.

When he gets chosen for a new job babysitting the front desk at Muse FM radio station, Jared's mostly expecting more of the same.

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