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The shoot was awkward, uncomfortable and all he did was criticise me throughout, saying he preferred to work with blonde, tanned fake breasted women. After, he blocked me on all social media and I had to contact another photographer who was a mutual friend who managed to coax about 6 images from the shoot that were roughly edited and poor quality.I never heard from him again.’ Your photographer should not sexualise you for themselves.

He shot at my house, and as soon as I met him I felt uncomfortable.

He had very sinister eyes, which sounds ridiculous but sometimes you just get this feeling.

Just today, someone who was interested in shooting with me finally got back to me to let me know she’d changed her mind, she just couldn’t deal with the gross, ‘perverted men’ disguised as photographers that this industry invites.

I do question why so many male photographer get into shooting ‘glamour’, especially when there’s no money in it any more (most of these photographers work for free anyway) and no Lads Mags to get published in.

There’s a certain etiquette that comes natural to most good photographers and they should enable you to feel completely comfortable – most girls work with me again and again not because of my technical skill being above anyone else (far from it) but because I make them feel comfortable.

I’m friendly, personable and flexible to different personalities.I can’t help but think it’s just an excuse to get to be around nude women.This acceptance of inappropriate behaviour has been going on for far too long and it’s not just nude modelling – we all know the stories that have received coverage in the media with photographers or men posing as such over-stepping the boundaries, harassing and even raping, kidnapping and murdering young female models and yet sometimes, these warnings make no difference.Spacial awareness is always important – you wouldn’t expect to have someone squashed up next to you in the office, breathing over you, looking over your shoulder so imagine how much more uncomfortable that is when you’re nude or scantily clad with a photographer you don’t know. “I’ve had a photographer on a boudoir shoot (I work up to implied) wait till I was in position (on all fours, head down) to then go directly behind me so that with the flash my underwear went see through.He uploaded these open leg images online and resurfaces them on new websites.This is particularly important when you start out as many girls fall into these traps and put up with things they shouldn’t because they wrongly think its the way things are.

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