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These cats, which are almost exclusively female, have a patchy coloration due to random inactivation of different X chromosomes in different somatic cell lines very early in development (the primary coat color locus in cats is on the X chromosome).

PICTURE OF CALICO CAT calmodulin /kal-MODE-jə-lin, -lən/ An intracellular protein that binds calcium acting as a second messengers in signal transduction.

It was during the Cambrian that the various invertebrate phyla first became abundant as fossils.

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The capillaries' small diameter allows application of more intense electric fields, which results in separations that are much faster than separations using slab gels. They are called carbohydrates because they (1) always contain carbon; (2) always contain hydrogen and oxygen in a two to one ratio (the same ratio as in water). Carbon-14 is the rarest of the three carbon isotopes (carbon-12, carbon-13, and carbon-14).

Approximately one part per trillion of atmospheric carbon is carbon-14. A cycle composed of two primary processes, photosynthesis and respiration.

Canidae /KAN-ə-DEE/ The mammalian family that contains dogs and other doglike animals.

canine /KAY-nine/ (1) of, pertaining to, or like dogs; (2) a pointed tooth between the incisors and premolars; in mammalian predators the canines are usually elongated and function in seizing and piercing prey.

cancer /KAN-sir/ A sarcoma or carcinoma; malignant tumor or neoplasm.

canid /KAN-əd, KANE-/ (1) a member of the family Canidae; a dog; (2) pertaining to the family Canidae.

MORE INFORMATION caconym /KAK-ə-nim/ A taxonomic name considered bad for linguistic reasons.

Caenorhabditis elegans /see-no-rab-DĪT-əs EL-ə-gəns/ A nematode much used in biological research, particularly in the field of developmental genetics.

Originating from the ancient continent of Laurentia, it formed the center around which the remainder of the North American continent formed.

SEE LOCATION OF CANADIAN SHIELD canalization /KAN-ə-lie-ZAY-shən/ A tendency to follow a particular developmental pathway despite the effect of mutation or the environment.

Because it is transparent, every cell in its body can be seen. The fate of every cell at every stage of development is known. calcaneus /kal-KANE-ee-əs/ A bone of the tarsus, which in human beings underlies the heel; the heel bone.

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