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"It's such a wonderful book but it definitely ripped my heat out of my chest and left me sobbing all night! "Oh my gods, it's the only book that literally had me sobbing for HOURS.You don't even sob for the reasons you expect; you sob from happiness, sadness, and frustration. SO GOOD BUT SO MUCH UGLY CRYING." —heartsmoney"It wrecked me for DAYS!!"I read it once per year and it never fails: tears and tears." —spookycarrot"It centers around the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus. "It centers on a young girl in the '80s grieving over the AIDS-related death of her beloved uncle.

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"After I finished it I just laid in a puddle on my couch. I called my sister and couldn't get a word out before I burst into tears over the beautiful and tragic story. " —helaynasjoberg Get it from Amazon for $11.59 (paperback) or $9.99 (Kindle).

"Theodore Finch managed to do what just about no other book character has before. And not just one or two tears slipping out when I'm not paying attention, but full blown sobbing.

It is absolutely gut-wrenching at times, as it takes place during World War II, as Mussolini's fascist army has occupied Greece.

Bound to make you sob but also really beautiful." —maggpie87Get it from Amazon for $9.82 (paperback) or $11.99 (Kindle).

It was just released in May of this year, and it's soon to be made into a movie starring Tom Holland! This was recommended to be by my English lecturer, and I have honestly never cried more at a book." —notadisneyprincess"One of the saddest books I've read. I sat on my living room floor for an hour and ugly cried the first time I read it, then I got up and drove the book over to my best friend's house because I couldn't even look at it.

I had to cover my mouth so I wouldn't wake my parents up." —tatumc Get it from Amazon for .97 (paperback) or .99 (Kindle). "It's about a young boy coming to terms with his mother having cancer. The movie is pretty good but definitely the book is better." —stephiiem"A librarian friend told me how good it was."I start tearing up when I try to explain the plot of Les Miserables even years after I last read it." —s4afe63229Get it from Amazon for .56 (paperback) or $.99 (Kindle). "At first it seems like the cliché romance novel (guy is aloof and mysterious, girl wants to break down his walls blah blah blah) but my god it's so much more!Milo (the main male protagonist) has such a heartbreaking past and it will leave you in tears every time! " —katieg4a39e845a Get it from Amazon for .64 (paperback) or .99 (Kindle).Sounds insane, but it's absolutely heartwarming, funny, and soul-crushing." —mbts"It's real, it's raw, it's human, and it gets me every damn time." —nikkim490bf1ea4Get it from Amazon for .01 (paperback) or .49 (Kindle)."Hands down, one of the best books I've ever read — but also one of the most devastating and heart-wrenching."It remains one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. The fact that the story is told by a child, and she's describing all of the terrible things happening to her and her family, makes it especially emotional." —chloekuri Get it from Amazon for .19 (paperback) or .99 (Kindle).

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