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She’s lost 30 pounds, most of her memory and sight, and is in a constant extreme pain.

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Lastly, consider the location of the company you’re buying from.

Buying from a company that’s closer to you can save you a significant amount of money on shipping costs.

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Just let me know if you want to keep it private or open.

If you find this uncomfortable, try applying corn starch to your body before putting on your binder to help keep it from holding in moisture.

If you’ve already experienced skin irritation of some sort, take care of it the same way you would an open wound.Now that you’re armed with all the information you need to find the right binder for you, go forth and feel more comfortable in your skin!FTM Chest Binder Reviews Do you have any tips about binding?Washing the irritated area with anti-bacterial soap will keep it clean and help it heal faster.Chest binding, as cumbersome as it may seem, can be very freeing for transgender men.There’s a plethora of quality FTM chest binding products available for body types of all shapes and sizes.

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