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This time the move was bigger than just to a state away from home where Dad was.

This move was to Texas and that’s where things changed big time.

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This came after a man in a suit followed me home and then came by the school to ask me a lot of questions about Mom.

I didn’t want to talk to him mostly because you don’t talk about family to strange people and when he tries to write everything down you do say it’s creepy.

It’s amazing how your life can change in an instant and everything you have known is gone.

Moments like those are when people put a hand on your shoulder and tell you everything will get better and that you will be alright. I was about nine years old when my Father sat me down and explained to me what a divorce was.

I sat idly by when Mom walked in upright and smiled at me with an older man I’d never seen before in a suit.

I wanted to find out what was happening but I wasn’t allowed in so I waited for my Father to finish what he was doing and then we’d head back to our new home.When Dad moved us out I wondered who would help Mom if we weren’t there but Dad said she needed to help herself.Time passed and I barely saw Mom and finally the time came where Dad and I were in the court house waiting to start the divorce and I was left outside the court room while Dad waited inside for it to start.Six months after the court date Mom got herself a job and when she wasn’t at work she was out in the bars drinking and having a great time only now there was no family or neighbors to watch me.She moved us to a new place and instead of paying someone to keep an eye on me I was left to my own devices in the back of the bar while she danced and drank.Today both Google and Microsoft are bigger than IBM, while Apple is roughly four times bigger PC sales are down. In its financial disclosures, Microsoft says it's actively looking for new monetization opportunities.

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