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You need to be honest with both girls and determine what is the best course of action.

I want to know why because anytime I ask about these guys she doesn't want to tell me about them. She may just be speaking with a friend yet leading you on to gain more attention from you.

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I always get to have this feeling whenever I see this beautiful girl.

I did approach her and here by the girl I have been dating for 2 years finds out ..

If she is around you and talking on the phone to other guys, you should ask her why she is doing that as you deserve her undivided attention during your time together.

Hello, my girlfriend is going to meet a guy and being intimate with him will be part of it, I might know the place and timing.

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See more questions like this: Her boyfriend dumped her and I need her, What message should I send her?Make sure to not have your request sound like a demand. Let him know that his response of yes or no will not change your relationship.I have been dating a girl for 2 years and all of a sudden I came across this beautiful girl that caught up my eyes.I respect her and when I see her I get a little bit nervous and she think that I am not a confident person and she thinks that I am foolish. Portray the air of confidence through your body language when she is around.Maintain eye contact when you are speaking to her and stand or sit with your back straight.You got caught and now it is time to decide if you and your girlfriend of two years can overcome this or if it is over because you broke her trust.

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