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Please do not hesitate to get support from these resources if you are in need of counseling, information, comfort, or advice.

Call: 1-800-550-4900 Email: [email protected]: These resources offer services to people that are seeking to adopt a child and to people that are considering offering their child for adoption.

The organizations listed are unbiased and some act as mediators between the parents of the child and the families seeking to adopt the child in order to make the transition as simple as possible for everyone involved.

The list we provide is not exhaustive; if you cannot find the information you are looking for listed here, it does not mean there are no other resources available to find If you continue to have trouble finding resources or hotlines, you can send a message to the the Sexperts and we can direct you to helpful resources or people to talk to.

We hope that you find these resources, which include websites and phone numbers, informative and useful.

The organization also offers a support hotline to help individuals find the nearest health center or to make appointments at a clinic.

The website also allows users to chat directly with health educators to get answers to any question relating to sex, sexuality, health, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or pregnancy.

Call: (800) 455-8130 or (800) 532-5383 Website: National Abortion Federation (NAF) — NAF offers information for pregnant women including .

They offer confidential and free emotional, legal, and financial support and referrals for pregnant women.

They are committed to prenatal development and abundant families. Call: 703-554-8734 Email: [email protected]: This resource is a database that lists websites and phone numbers for organizations on a variety of abortion topics with a pro-life and anti-abortion stance.

These organizations offer assistance to anyone considering abortion, provide information on options besides abortion, and include hotlines for those seeking support after undergoing an abortion.

The organization also offers a toll-free, confidential hotline that acts as a source of information about abortions, referrals, and financial assistance in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

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