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Just follow the prompts for the women's side 0r 712-432-5700. The first is a str8 chatline that I go on to as a gay guy. Years ago I called and went through several ads before instantly recognizing a voice from work.

I just stumbled across this thread that I started over three years ago. Major closet case, although I knew the minute I met him, everyone else at work didn't believe me.

As some of those perverts with the really out there request may call in and enjoy and get themselves where they want to be via conversation and when they feel complete it keeps them from going out on the street and doing it for real.

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And you wish u could share info and meet sometimes.

And who knows , it may even save some lives, and cut down on some crime.

But If you do not smoke or do not drink you do not go out and buy cigs or beer.

So if you do not like phone sex, then do not worry about it and naturally no reason to critique those who do..

Number one factor u can imagine what you want and its safe.

And as someone who works for one, the job can be fun and the money is decent. And if your working for a company you half to remember you half to give the customer what they want if its a pay sight, and its not always pleasant .But with any customer service job, if you dont have it in you to be equally as nice to everyone no matter who they are or what they may want, then customer service is not for you.Nothing worse then when you go shopping and the employees are complete jerks and you may just wanna shop and enjoy your day and have someone say thank you at the end of the day.Free Chat Line is better in my opinion though it has an endless message at the beginning.Hi Forum, I am wanting to make new friends and maybe go for drinks. Call me @ 619.377.0173 (days) and 320.299.4164 (nights) but always available to meet from either number.There's one that I call, where I've run across "bi" guys who are majorly into kiddies of either gender.

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