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As a star swimmer in high school, Kozlovski had taken all kinds of natural supplements.

So he started compiling a list of all the natural supplements said to boost cognitive performance.

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He uses the money to pay his college tuition and living expenses in downtown Los Angeles. "I realized that if I wanted to be a successful businessman, I needed to start now," said Kozlovski.

"I thought I'll learn a lot more from actually running a business while in business school than waiting four years to get started." But running a business while attending school isn't easy.

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Unlike most college students, 21-year-old Andrew Kozlovski doesn't leave much time for socializing. Kozlovski was finishing up his first year at University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business when he heard about students taking Adderall and other drugs intended for those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to finish their school work.

A better option is just to delete all messages, images, and data that can be traced back to individual users. It's called Snapchat, and if you're worried about parts of your personal life being exposed, give it a try.

People really need an app like this where they can send messages and images and not have to worry about any of their activity of information being leaked to the public. The idea for the app came up when one college student (Reggie Brown) wanted a way to sext and send nudes without leaving a paper trail, and went to his buddy Evan Spiegel (now Snapchat CEO) with the plan.

The 21-year-old student told Business Insider that he has built a business selling nootropic supplements, primarily by marketing on social media.

When he found out how dangerous the drugs were, he realized there might be a market for a safer alternative.

The sexts and snaps they send could do with an expiration date to ensure the messages don't come back to haunt them.

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