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Our accommodations include Bayfront Rooms, Spa Rooms, Suites, all with views of the Bay, or choose from the more economical East Side and/or Standard Rooms.

Traverse City is in the heart of all the beauty that is Northern Michigan.

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We adjusted during the second half of the haunt and marveled at the quality set designs, including the pirate ship. The owner said a new owner takes over next season, so this is your last chance to check out Deadly Intentions, which also will be open Devil's Night and Halloween.

We did see a pole dancer and few women dressed provocatively. The haunt is intense with several lunatic characters who teeter on the edge of craziness.

You know, there were moments that I was indeed more freaked out. The attraction is one of the longest houses we experienced, and I enjoyed most of it. Lucifer's Haunted Asylum & 13 Feet Under in Grand Blanc Township Intense. Well conceived with its twists and turns, I was impressed with the whole operation. 14 on my trip was supposed to be an easy last I thought.

It had a few lulls, but some of that had to do with the fact we caught up to the next group, and that's one of the common drawbacks on a busy night. (Story and photos by Zeke Jennings and Mike Mulholland of (Photos and video from's John Liberty and Josh Mauser. I wasn't expecting the blood and gore and the creatures breathing down my neck.

After meeting near the parking lot, Jerry and crew took us on a wagon ride deep into the woods with a cast of wierdos who haunt the woods and its dwellings. On our trip back to our starting point, a deer processing business, Jerry sang "Afternoon Delight." Now that's scary.

(Photos and more here from Zeke Jennings and Mike Mulholland of (Photos and more details on Ann Wicked Ranch at the Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury This was stop number one of my search, and it set the bar for everything else down the road.It's so popular that thousands will go through their doors through Nov. Without spoiling all the fun, be wary of ledges, swamps and anything that comes flying at you. It's not recommended for those younger than 13, but we saw many kids in attendance. Outside of the main attraction you also have a decent maze, a walk-through attraction with strobe lights and creepy characters, and a paintball area where you can shoot down zombies. I remember running out of one of their haunted houses saying, "I am so happy to see Death! All the sets are well conceived; the acting superb; and everyone -- including the cast -- seems to be having a blast. She is character dressed as Dorothy of "The Wizard of Oz" and carries around a baby on a rope. (Story and photos by John Liberty and Josh Mauser of Spooky Trails Farm in Swartz Creek They also offer many attractions, including a hayride where you get to shoot zombies in the woods. Hopefully you see the electric chair that is right in your face. The creatures descend upon you before you make it to the box office. Make it a couples weekend and hope you come back with everyone in your party.On a dirt road -- somewhere -- I met one of the most disturbing characters on this trip.His name: Scary Jerry, a clown whose best friend/love interest was a pig's head.“Deep down I think I knew what he was saying was wrong, but it was just hard being a kid and an adult telling you that,” Tyler said.

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