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The first thing I did was show David a hand drawn picture of a faceless man.

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Secondly, we prayed that one whom God was raising up for Rachel would lead well in the home and make the Lord his highest priority in life and family.

Lastly, we prayed that Rachel and her man would stay sexually pure until the day they married.

About every morning for the past year-and-a-half, we have sat down together on the couch and prayed for the two of you.

It's been exciting to watch as God gave you and Rachel a desire to read book after book on healthy, godly marriages and families.

For that very reason, I have felt burdened to share the following testimony of our family and a few things I have learned along the way.

Because of the nature of this article, I will mostly focus on our daughter, Rachel.During that time, it became more and more obvious that David's face belonged to the faceless drawing in the picture frame. We knew exactly what it was about; he was going to ask if he could marry Rachel.Esther and I were already a step ahead of the game.That same day, Rachel made a vow to stay sexually pure until marriage and follow the Lord all the days of her life.David, now that you and Rachel found each other and have been dating for just over a year, Esther and I have also added you to our daily prayer list.It was also during those times that we shared what she should expect as she grew older: she would marry, enjoy God's gift of sex, and have her own children.

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