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We're having trouble displaying this Scratch project.

If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer. W = Up D = Right S = Down A = Left You will get your paycheck every 30 sec. Buy food at the store then eat it in the backpack to replenish your food points.

v1.3 Starting to add a house to live in.v1.2 A few glitches worked out.v1.1 Car dealership added.v0.1 Initial release.-------------------------------Views-----------------------------------------50 views = Wow100 views = Best for me200 views = Really this is BEAST!

-------------------------------Updates--------------------------------------v5.5 Started to work on a Bank.v4.5 Started to collab with @Trey6464 to retexture buildings.v3.5 Lottery ticket machine added.v2.5 Starting to add lottery ticket machine.v2.4 Added the new song and Fixed Bed Glitch.v2.3 Added House!

With the casino you can gamble either 10 dollars of 50 just click the machine and you can play it. For College you need 500 dollars to go to go click the sign and your paycheck will increase by 50.

The machines are not rigged people win all the time. : GL210000698 Gin Rummy 4.2 :razzia [pc97] :527-633-627 Girlfriend Teri :240-104343 Global Time Keeper 1.6 : Steve Hsu :g(? SON '96 [Xf/UCf] :calwcalw , : Steve Hsu : YVLBB Gif Construction Set 20a :plastek :3215-11 Gif Converter 2.1.1 :62-37-77-F4-DE-A8-8B-B2 Giflink : Betamax : GK123456445 Giflink v2.01 : Me : GK546354872 Giflite : Betamax : GL123456689 Giflite v2.0 : Me : GL868695771 Gif Lite v2.10 : Me! Zilla: Code: L3WTALZGVZ Goldmine for Windows :10576345 Goldmine 95 :11428171950 Gold Wave 3.22 : JAKE LN: CWC R: QMKGJV Graphics Workshop : Me :11811 Graphics Workshop 1.1j for Windows :65535 Graphics Workshop 1.1p for Windows : Liquid speed v1.0.2 for 3DS :12900388760114244102 Listen for windows v2.0 :502950295029 :290F590W LL6a : LW6USRT-100475-600/24 LLSIC Version 2.6 :drawoh_rehsif Lock Down2000 -copy LD2to c:\windows\ -LD2[Register] Register=C57YG1[I]KQ Locksmith v1.31 : LOCK-1000 Logitech mouse v6.30 for DOS and Win : MBAI 008965T630 Logitech mouse v6.43b for DOS and Win : MBAI 013904T643 LOGO-SAVER v2.0 :farwell Log Tick 4.5 : Steve Hsu :3186706961. 1Jr W%)M Global war (any version) bbs: ABC : GQ892HIRTFG Go!If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date.

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