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Cornell University just digitized an amazing collection of African-American photographs recently, but one of my all-time favorite collections is the Missouri State Archives digital database of 19th Century African-Americans.

You can also use Flickr and Pinterest to find large collections of historical pictures of African-American (I have collections for each decade in Pinterest).

My ancestor Nannie Barnes, from Hardin County, TN, clearly liked to take pictures and we are fortunate to have a lot that she took. 1880 was an occasion to pose with her new husband below.

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At the Missouri State Archives, one can find examples of how African Americans saw themselves a generation after slavery – as dignified, proud, hard working, and self-sufficient members of their communities. Knowing these techniques can help when we have those “unknown” pictures that we have all inherited, that we just wish we could identify.

I’m going to walk through some of my family pictures and discuss the cues in the photos that provided insight into the date of the picture.

Jayne Shrimpton, MA History of Dress is a professional dress historian and photographs/artworks specialist.

A former Archivist at the National Portrait Gallery, London, she has been dating and interpreting historical images for nearly 30 years.

Identifying and dating photographs is an essential tool in doing successful local and family history research.

Many details including the format of the photo itself, style of mounting, photographers marks, clothing and hair styles, signage, props, details of backgrounds and street scenes, can help in photo research.

But be careful–if you’re anything like me, it’s an easy way to completely lose an entire day (smile).

Missouri’s website captures my feelings perfectly about these pictures: By the late nineteenth century African Americans had the opportunity to participate in the phenomenon of portrait photography.

We can’t see her sleeves very well, but they don’t look very fitted.

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