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It’s also full of cyclists who always have the right of way.Generally pedestrians remain on the footpaths and cyclists on bike paths but sometimes it’s just not possible, so keep an eye out and remember: cyclists always have right of way.

A great alternative to worrying about having to park your own car is Green Wheels, a car share initiative.

For a monthly fee you have access to several cars throughout the city.

The variety of other forms of transport on the roads in Amsterdam can be quite daunting for a newcomer and most drivers will not wait patiently, so make sure you understand the road rules.

Non-drivers Amsterdam is a highly pedestrian-oriented city, especially in the centre.

For a gallon it is EUR 5.73 and EUR 4.21 respectively.

Vehicle leasing Vehicle leasing or rental is not necessary for travelling around in Amsterdam, as the public transport system is reliable and most people choose to use it.

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Strict enforcement of laws against dangerous driving has seen the number of fatal accidents fall 25 percent since 2000.

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