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Tres leches is Spanish for "three kinds of milk", so this sponge cake is made with three kinds of dairy.

Sweetened milk, condensed milk, and cream can be combined with liquor and mousse to whip up this treat.

The delicacy is made from the jowls and snout of a pig, so it's not for the faint of stomach.

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Pho ( pronounced "fuh") is a noodle soup that is a Vietnamese staple.

Ceviche(pronounced "ce-veesh") is another Peruvian dish that you and your partner will love to try. Salt and chili peppers can be added for an extra spice.

After eating all those savory dishes, try something sweet by sharing these sweet French treats with your partner.

East Africa is the homeland of this plantain dish, pronounced ("mah-to-kee").

The heated plantains are mixed with chili, lemon juice, and tomatoes. This stew can be a delicious side dish for a meal with your partner.Profiteroles ( pronounced "pro-fit- uh-role") are a dessert can be filled with ice cream or whipped cream with a piping bag for extra decadence.This Italian dessert is made with egg whites, honey, and cream.No matter which one is your favourite, the UK is definitely (at least according to e Harmony) the sexiest place to walk around!If on top of that you have any of the sexiest accents stated above, you’re the lucky one: your chances of dating are definitely high!If you’re wondering what your English accents says about you, e Harmony answered your doubts!

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