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All date feedback is confidential and handled discreetly, so singles can be honest about what they thought about one another, and thereby help each other improve over time.

Paddi aims to provide Vancouver singles with everything they need to enjoy dating and fall in love.

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The Executive Search Dating team is powered by people, not algorithms.

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for their matches.

The team has to reasonably believe they can make a match.

The team’s headhunting approach is thorough and time-consuming, so the matchmakers only invest that energy in clients who are open to love and realistic about what they want.

“It doesn’t make sense to limit your dating options to a matchmaker’s paid clients.” Based in Vancouver, Executive Search Dating (ESD) goes out and recruits compatible dates, in addition to drawing from the database, to match clients with their ideal companions.

This elite service caters to busy professionals who don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to do all the legwork required to hunt down a date.Seeking to better serve time-conscious singles like himself, Paddi decided to start a matchmaking business that would take a proactive approach to connecting people in a long-term match.“I started Executive Search Dating based on my own experience being dissatisfied with how dating services worked,” Paddi said.The staff includes knowledgeable dating coaches who can walk clients through how to dress, what to talk about, and general dating etiquette.“Getting someone a date is just the first step,” Paddi explained.“That’s their first impression.” Once they have a firm grasp of the client’s likes and dislikes, the matchmakers make a judgment call about whether they can help that individual find the right relationship.

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