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European spas are considerably more relaxed about nudity, both in the treatment room and in co-ed Sauna Worlds.

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Pulling the sheet back (or asking the therapist about it) is usually a prelude to bad behavior. So don't expect any nudity in the treatment room.

You can find a more relaxed attitude towards nudity at some hot springs or mineral springs spas with co-ed tubs, like Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, N. Even the clothing-optional resort, Sea Mountain, Palm Spring, California, uses draping during massage at its spa.

Other people -- usually men -- go the other direction with spa nudity.

They don't understand why they can't get a massage without being covered by a sheet.

They say that they're just more comfortable that way, and it's not sexual.

Well, YOU might be more comfortable without a sheet, but most therapists aren't.

Sometimes in large luxury spas there are private changing rooms where you can undress and slip into your robe out of view.

More commonly you'll be undressing with other people of the same gender.

At one Jamaican spa in super-sexy Negril, a therapist did a body scrub without worrying about covering me up, and..she would do the same thing with men.

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