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He enjoyed a long film career starting in the 1950s, though he took a few years off to pursue a real estate career before returning to acting in the 1980s. Ed Green, Briscoe’s partner, for much of the 2000s, though he left the series a couple years before it ended.Hill left “Law & Order” for retirement in 2000 and has not appeared in anything since. During his tenure on the show, he played one of his other best-known roles, as Tom Collins in 2005’s “Rent,” the modern musical version of “La Boheme.” Currently, he’s playing a detective on the CW’s “The Flash.” Chris Noth played the hot-headed Det.

is going to revisit the serial killer storyline that dominated the first part of Season 7, it's going to - and in a big way.

has learned that Claire Forlani will return as former criminal profiler Alicia Brown after the new year...

Harmon has also been involved in campaigning to end human trafficking.

In February, she sat down with People to share her experiences traveling to Vietnam for a UNICEF field visit with victims of trafficking, domestic violence and sexual exploitation.

Watching the series with the knowledge of Southerlyn's sexual orientation changes and enriches the viewing experience for many lesbian and bisexual women — both of the series in general, and of Southerlyn in particular — even if her personal life is never explored.

In a world where lesbians are still rare on network television, just knowing a character is gay is important, and enough to keep many viewers tuned in.

Since the writers have offered few personal details about Southerlyn (or most of the other characters), this was only conjecture — until last night.

In the final scene of the January 12, 2005 episode ("Ain't No Love"), District Attorney Branch (Fred Thompson) fired Southerlyn for being too passionate and personally involved with her work, telling her she would be better suited for advocacy work than criminal law. " Branch replied "No," and Southerlyn responded "Good…good" before the screen faded to black and the credits began to roll.

The letter specifically called out Donald Trump and later elicited a defensive response from Florida’s Hispanic lieutenant governor. Attorney’s Office and was replaced by Serena Southerlyn.

German-born Elisabeth Röhm played Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn from 2001 to 2005 and then went on to play a number of short-lived TV roles, including Special Agent Dana Landon in “Beauty and the Beast” and Taylor Berkhalter in “The Client List.” She’s also had some movie successes, including her 2013 role in “American Hustle” and, more recently, her role as Peggy in the Golden Globe-winning 2015 film “Joy.” Angie Harmon played hottie prosecutor Abbie Carmichael from 1998 to 2001. Currently Harmon is costaring in “Rizzoli and Isles,” where she’s been playing Detective Jane Rizzoli since 2010.

Mike Logan for 111 episodes on the original “Law & Order,” but left the show in 1995, only to come back ten years later to play the same character in the shorter-lived spin-off, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” Between L&O stints, Noth became known for his role as Mr.

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