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When i say he will pay i mean he will pay ALL your expenses ALLLLLLLLLLLLL.. I know i will face crap over saying this for sure.. He will come to your country to visit you or should at least try.. you can regard me as nuts all you wish hahahaha there is an app that actually works on the internet.. You type in a yahoo mail address and see if he is online chatting on the yahoo messanger application. if u normally talk on msn or skype for example, you can always say ur msn wont open and ask him if he has got yahoo !! if you have had no interaction with them forget the man !! For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

When discussing religion, it is important to note that practicing Muslim men are subject to rules in the treatment of women. Sometimes visit visas are hard to get, but, if he has the funds required to marry in the first place, and the good job required to marry in the first place, he can apply.. I gave him a letter confirming i knew him but i refused to give bank statements showing details of finances. This only works for yahoo addresses but it does work.

do a search in inverted commas on google "username" or "[email protected]" you would never know what you might come up with. You can google "how to do an image search" to find out how. If a man has accounts all over the place, hes a pro in sweet talking women..... He wont allow anything to come between you at all under any circumstances..

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If he couldnt come here on his own merits, what was the point in continuing. Ask him to marry you islamically only in YOUR country ( i do not recommend doing that in reality, just as a test). Islamic marriages is not legally recognised in some western countries due to issues with polygamy. If he is content just to marry you islamically and not interested much in the legal side of things, chances are that its not a visa he is after..

cos as we all know, legal marriage is nearly a requirement of bringing someone to ur country.

I am fun loving, down to earth and very much Optimist. I cant to talk about myself better others talk about me. She is The Beautiful Moonlight that Very Beautifully Lights Man's Heart, Spirit, Soul & Life too ;;;)))!!!

Dot Hi all i would like to tell that i am form egypt looking for woman which lived in new zealand or australia a have 43 year so i looked to woman 35/55 years old kind ans lovely high education want to live with her very My name is Ahmed from Egypt Zagazig city government legal officer I love art, writing and poetry I love athletes that wore elegant clothes and color my hair medium black love of writing the songs and the logo and Stars are seen together, yet they are so far apart True friends may not speak everyday, but remember we are linked heart to heart Have you a great day ((A serious relationship and true))) I am a normal alone man, my Im zizo from Egypt.

He took money from these girls, had sex with them, while these girls fallen in love with him (I got calls from these girls who were looking for him after he suddenly disappeared).

One guy cheated from his fiancee in Egypt and was dating a Filipino girl in this country.

Submitted by muslim girl (Singapore), Dec 11, 2013 at Hi, I understand how you feel and I really want to help other girls who are in love with Egyptian man now. I'm very sure there are good Egyptian men, but from 5 Egyptian man I know, 5 of the are cheater.

Three of them are acquaintances and I had 2 past relationships with the other two. I'm open minded but I have good knowledge about Islam. 3 acquaintances: One of them used some girls to be local sponsor so they can stay in my country as long as they want.

I'd like to discourage anyone not to date an Egyptian man.

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