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Though we are only promoting this within Sojourn, the conference is open to anybody.

Please feel free to invite any single friends to participate.

We will be exploring how a proper alignment of three pertinent priorities for singles—Master, Mission, Mate—will help you flourish.

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Whether it's a stand up show, a tour or any other comic event, we make sure you don't miss anything.

If you wish to attend the upcoming show by Lewis Black Louisville KY , please go through our inventory of tickets and make your booking.

Some comedians entertain by taking a dig at controversial topics while others stick to jokes that a layman can relate to.

At our website you'll find tickets to various kinds of comedy events at affordable prices.

The most common, popular and timeless form of entertainment is comedy.

A funny joke or antic at the right time and the right place can bring a smile to your face and change your mood altogether for the day.She is the Director of Strategic Communication and Director of Women’s Ministry at Sojourn.She teaches women in various capacities by equipping them to lead as God has designed them to as image bearers within the body of Christ.The date and location for this event is 10-Mar-18 at Louisville Palace, Louisville.The minimum get-in price for Lewis Black Louisville KY tickets is .For single parents, we are hoping to provide some form of childcare.

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