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As if I care if Roissy, Tool of all Tools, hands anyone’s ass to anyone.

Roissy’s site is truly horrifying, and the man is a monster. Most of his commenters are orbiting him hoping to bask in the narcissistic glow he gives off.

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And don’t forget to wear some face protection on PUA sites.

The sheer malign hatred emanating off these sites can literally fly off the screen and pound your face. One final note, that this cold-hearted sociopathic character known as Roissy has picked up the cruelest of economic philosophies, Libertarianism, should come as no surprise. Someone starts out afraid of spiders, and the terror slowly spreads until they are nearly afraid of their shadow, so agoraphobic that and can barely go outside anymore. But if fear spreads, then it’s wicked brother Cain, Here’s a classic example of why men don’t need to be “Alpha”, “young”, “good-looking”, “earn lots of money” or “be a playa'” in order to score.

That he added a shocking and virulent form of White Nationalist racism against NAM’s to complement the generous helpings of misogyny he serves up is no shocker either. Meet Britain’s most feckless father, a man still fighting fit at 64, who has been unemployed for over 20 years and looks like an absolute loser.

Who would think seeing that face that he’s been able to produce 26 children out of 15 women.

The sheer insanity of Roissy’s site though, and really all of the lunatic PUAsphere (I include Roosh here too), is that the site is based on , the Alphas and Sigmas. Yet no personage is more reviled on Roissy’s moronic site, or Roosh’s, or any of the others, than this lowly Beta, our fathers and our sons, our brothers and our cousins, all of the men that make up our typical quotidian lives we tap out before we die – every one of these great ordinary men are treated with utter contempt on PUA sites, as if they are the lowest of contemptible worms. And Roissy’s site is awash with what I might call ugly truths.

There are probably no feral societies where this will not be true. The things about life that are so ugly and cruel and vicious, yet nevertheless so true that we cannot ignore them.

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It could be supreme arrogance combined with complete indifference towards others. I really don’t think his success can be explained without using some concepts of game (even if he is entirely unaware of them.

that ‘presstitutes and ‘corporate elitists’ run and own the media. “Jews Against This”…”Jews For That”…”Jews Want This”…”Jews Don’t Want That.” And ALL the Jew-owned hacks on Capitol Hill say, “Yes Massa Jew! And don’t you know that Jews use the “ JEW WORD” all the time?

Almost all women, young and old, are attracted to men with “daddy material” – that’s what they crave. Here you have someone who lives off the system, is old, fat and yet can still pull women half his age.

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