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Ali’s story I discovered my sexual orientation at a very young age.

And as I was growing up, I tried very hard to change to what my surroundings taught me.

One day in high school, an imam came to do a lecture and told us: ‘If you masturbate you are going to go blind and go to hell.’ I couldn’t understand how my parents didn’t go blind. So for me and my classmates we had to learn how to hack websites, at the age of 15!

We were so repressed and sexually frustrated – even my heterosexual classmates.

I was not thrilled about the idea, and every night before I laid my head on my pillow, my prayer was: ‘Oh God, please don’t let anyone find out this little secret of mine.’ Moreover, I used to have nightmares about being publicly humiliated for who I was and I was always insecure about myself in everything I did.

In late March 2011 I finally packed up my courage and posted to the world on Facebook that yes, I’m gay! And, as if being possessed by a demon, it felt as though I just came out of an exorcism.

So this is why I welcome dialogue as a first step; rather than campaigns, let’s have a dialogue in our society and especially with families.

Let’s speak about sexuality not only homosexuality.

That a man is supposed to be with a woman, and that’s how life is.

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