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Use this to your advantage when reaching out, it will immediately engage your potential love interest and is more likely to attract their attention than a generic ‘hi.’ 3) Ask a question It seems pretty obvious if you want a response, right?

But the amount of people that just type, “Hey” and click send is astonishing.

Digital dating guide

The average breadcrumber is all about keeping you wanting more; they're afraid of commitment (even if that means just going for coffee) and love that you're always there to chat whenever version, not the fashion designer) of the dating world.

A classic cushion-er will begin a relationship, while still engaging in the odd flirtatious banter with other online matches known as 'cushions'. Often, yet not-to-be confused with cushioning, benching refers to a single person (rather than one in a relationship) who keeps potential suitors/matches in constant rotation.

You're being 'stashed' if: You've never been invited to your partner's place for dinner or your partner changes the subject every time you have a conversation about family and friends.

Of course it's not wholly bad if you're actually looking for a low-key no-strings romance.

Name your favourite cuisine or the last city you visited, it’s these things that will catch the eye of others who share your taste. Use a group shot as your main pic You might think posting a photo with your mates will make you come across really fun and sociable, but in actual fact all that it’s going to result in is people staring at their screen thinking, “Which one are you? Make the effort to write something about yourself or else it will look like you’re not taking it seriously.

Don’t Be negative Your dating profile isn’t the place to moan about your single status and rant about the world’s current state of affairs (although right now, it sure is tempting). How to make the first move Hooray, you’ve made a match and now it’s time to make contact.That way, the cushioner (the modern-day love rat/cad) has various cushions to fall back on if and when their primary relationship comes to an end. To be benched means you're in rotation; read: your date isn't sure enough about you to commit to a relationship so they're keeping their options open and keeping you on the bench for a later date. Ghosting refers to the moment a potential match—for no apparent reason—pulls a Houdini and disappears from both digital and offline life.It can be surprising (even shocking) and hard to come to terms with, especially if you thought everything was progressing smoothly, but it pays to remember the people you've almost definitely 'ghosted' over the years to put it into perspective, if not ease a broken heart.Ask your friends to help Struggling to find the right words to sell yourself? They know you better than most and will be able to name your best and most interesting qualities – plus it’s a nice confidence boost during a time that you’ll probably need it.Make your profile photo a clear face shot It’s the first thing people are going to see, so choose one you feel good in and most represents you.Unfortunately the new incarnation of the term isn't quite so love-filled.

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