Describe the difference between relative and absolute dating

An abbreviated year can cause confusion with the day number.

You can display formatted dates for different countries with this Javascript Date Library.

The benefit of absolute timestamps over relative ones is that they offer a precise date and time.

But dates and times are hard to interpret because not all users live in the same timezone or country.

by anthony on 05/19/15 at am Information evolves over time like a living organism.

What’s relevant this year might not hold as much weight a few years from now.

If you have users around the world, not all them will use the same type of clock.

Don’t force them to convert times to the clock they use.Imagine a user who is attending event and doesn’t notice the change in timezone or makes a mistake converting it.The user would end up missing that event, which could lead to unfortunate consequences.That’s why it’s important to display your absolute timestamps in a friendly format.A problem with absolute timestamps is that they force users to convert timezones to get their local time.Some put the day number first, some put the month number first and some put the year first.

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