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Along with seeking information from public officials and older county residents, efforts will be made to find out what some of the younger adults in the county want for the future, Evans said.

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AOL chat rooms are not to be used by those under the age of 13.

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John Rebochak, who had been moving cars so he could take his daughters home, said he heard a boom and screaming so loud that it brought back memories of his service in Vietnam. ambassador to the United Nations flatly rejected Iraqi compromise proposals to end the standoff over U. weapons inspections, calling the suggestions unworkable. But Ambassador Bill Richardson gave no indication that events were moving closer either to a peaceful resolution or to a U. “This is Saddam Hussein’s decision.” Richardson said. Full and unconditional access to all sites, all documents, that’s the bottom line.” Richardson also announced he was leaving Wednesday night for Tokyo and Beijing, pushing on in a tour that earlier took him to European, Latin American and African capitals to make Washington’s case for possible military force against Iraq. While the attack plan would rely largely on cruise missiles and strike aircraft to destroy Iraqi targets, Zinni has moved to bolster not only the armored Army force ASSOCIATED PRESS Palenstinians bum a replica of the American flag during a rally to show their support of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on Monday. in Kuwait, but also the Marine presence offshore out of concern that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein may try to lash out at this small nation, which he invaded in 1990.

Nicole was initially taken to Windber Hospital then transferred to Memorial Medical Center, After being moved to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, the 11-year-old girl underwent extensive facial surgery. At the same time, the United States and Britain have sent about 50 additional strike and support aircraft to the Gulf region on top of the 300 already positioned there.

We'll also be going back to USAir to see whether they can improve their equipment and service.” USAir is exploring setting up a Cleveland-Balti-more route, Mc Kelvey said, suggesting that Johnstown could be a stop.

Currently, Chautauqua Airlines, which operates as USAir Express, offers flights between Johnstown and Pittsburgh.

Johnstown Tribune Democrat (Newspaper) - February 10, 1998, Johnstown, Pennsylvania Che STritunc^eiuocral Newsstand price 50c February 10, 1998 Johnstown, Pennsylvania Style Serving the Reader's: Rector native to return home to help other writers perfect their craft. The Region Corrupting minors: Police charge man with enticing two boys to have sex with teen girl. Fighting violence: Center hopes grant will help in war on domestic abuse. Sports Golden moment: Cross-country skier Larissa Lazutina of Russia was among those taking home medals Monday at the Winter Olympics in Japan. Inside Today Births C12 Editorial A6 Bridge B2 Horoscope B3 Business A7 Lottery C12 Classified C5 Movies B4 Comics B2 Deaths Cll Dear Abby B4 Stocks A7 Dr. Nicole Marie Rebochak lost use of an eye and faces many years of plastic surgery after being injured by a homemade explosive at a Bedford County picnic last sumer.

Donohue B4 Television B3 Coming Wednes«iay: Ligonier restaurant thrives on romance. t: Today’s forecast: Partly cloudy and mild, high of 45, chance of rain tonight. The man charged in the incident is trying to make a deal on reduced charges.

The study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that when pickups or sport utility vehicles strike cars on the side, there are 27 deaths in cars for each fatality in a pickup or sport utility.

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