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Account Amount The system displays the amount to be debited from the account (in the account currency) after calculating the applicable charges.

The system adds the charge amount from the transaction amount and displays the net value.

In this block, you can capture details of the currency denominations involved in the transaction through the following fields: Currency Code The system displays the currency of the account.

Customer ID The system displays the customer ID based on the account that is specified.

Negotiated Cost Rate Specify the negotiated cost rate that should be used for foreign currency transactions between the treasury and the branch.

Account Amount The system displays the transaction amount. On clicking Pickup button, the system populates the vales in all the callforms of the screen and clicking pickup button is mandatory if you make any changes to the Transaction amount and exchange rate after first pickup.

Once you click ‘Pickup’ button once, then on amendment of xrate, amount, charge, pickup will be mandatory before save.

Transaction Currency The system displays the local currency.

If you specify another account number and tab out of the Account Number field, the system displays the currency associated with the account.

For every currency, the various denominations are assigned separate denomination codes..

Denomination Value The system computes the face value of the denomination and displays it.

Cheque Number Specify the MICR number displayed on the cheque leaf.

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