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It’s hard to be an original when we’re always with others and with others is who we’re always with as long as we’re Facebooking and emailing and texting, calling, and Twittering.

People influence us and rub off on us, which is good, but also bad.

A man who’s come close to dying through adventure or daring or even some grand stupid act is a much more interesting and successful man than that guy who stays confined to his comfort zone and will live for a long, long time with very few stories worth telling.

Dare mighty things; it’s a simple call to action and a call that every man must heed.2. A man has to have some stories that are his and his alone.

To tell a story of struggle through pain, through obstacles that seemed insurmountable, even through that seemed to only get worse until one day after years of pain and suffering it got better, is something a man must be able to tell. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life and I continue to make some really stupid ones, they key is redemption. Rise above and live to tell your incredible story about redemption from the depths, from pain, from darkness where no light seemed to exist.

He needs to know that he has the grit to take everything, anything that life throws his way and still come out on top because to live an epic life is to must be able to tell a story of struggle, where quitting would have been the logical thing to do but logic has no place in life’s greatest battles, nor in its greatest tales.6. To appreciate the sun we need the night, we need darkness. The key is that we learn from them, grow from them, and become better from them. Live to redeem yourself, don’t pity yourself or wish you had done things differently, you did what you did now you have a choice of what you’re going to do next.

The flip side to the coin is that not every man will to tell that grand, daring, and exciting story of how he nearly found his final resting place, because they’re there in the grave; alas, it’s better to live an adventurous life and die a glorious death than to live a life in complete avoidance of danger and as far away from death as possible.

A man must accept death as a constant, and not live as to avoid its grasp but live as to escape its touch by an inch or a second or by pure luck.

Persistence and grit are the two most valuable virtues a man can possess and neither are necessarily innate.

They have to be proven to exist, they can’t simply exist. It’s not something that you set out to do, they just happen.

Every man must embark on a journey that’s his own and have stories to tell that are the same.

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