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These types of statements tend to disturb me for several reasons.

Although it’s not always all about pride and hiding personal drama, or in a celebrity’s case, protecting your personal life and reputation from the relentless tabloids, black women are often raised to have strong personal dignity.

This means always being classy and not caught up in gossip circles.

Many non-Blacks have been known to “LOVE” Gospel music.

In fact, some may even go so far as to say that they love the way we worship in the Black Church much more than their own churches. Many people have said this to both of us which has brought up the question for me, “Is my church a spectical or do they really respect it as a whole?

Though it seems kind of silly, why should Beyonce confirm it?

Probably because she wants to be known by her grace as a lady and as a superstar entertainer with lasting global appeal.Any Gospel Choir that gets a gig on someone else’s dime do your thing!But what is it that people are really responding to when they see this?They never want their name associated with any type of gossip.Some higher profile examples of this reality are the love lives of Janet Jackson and Beyonce Knowles.”I have wondered what would happen if my church did not have lively, get-up-out-of-your-seat music while women flail about in emotion claiming the Holy Ghost.

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