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Iron Deficiency It is well-documented that iron deficiency leads to impaired cognitive development and poor performance in school.

Iron deficiency is one of the most prevalent nutritional disorders and has a large impact on economic productivity.

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Using household level estimates, the graph below shows that the macroeconomic costs are considerable in terms of year-in, year-out gross domestic product (GDP) foregone.

For example, just three types of malnutrition are responsible for 3-4 percent of GDP loss in Pakistan in any given year, according to the United Nations Standing Committee on Nutrition (SCN) fifth report on the world nutrition situation.

Elena Petrova, the owner of Elena's Models, says they expect to double average monthly sales with the Christmas offer.

"Some people think we are crazy to offer so much for such little money but we believe in giving generously.The main factor responsible for iodine deficiency is a low dietary supply of iodine.When iodine requirements are not met, thyroid hormone synthesis is impaired, resulting in hypothyroidism and a series of functional and developmental abnormalities, known as “Iodine Deficiency Disorders” (IDD). Endemic goiter results from increased thyroid stimulation by thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) to maximize the utilization of available iodine and thus represents maladaption to iodine deficiency.Our site is different from the majority of Russian brides sites in that we don't charge per email as most other Russian marriage agencies.Elena's Models Gold membership includes unlimited mails to all your contacts." With the sales from the Christmas special, Elena's Models expect to increase yearly sales for 2006 by 20% as compared to 2005.A WHO survey (1993-1994) on iodine status worldwide lists Pakistan as having “severe iodine deficiency” with 135 million people having insufficient iodine intake.

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