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The story tries to be somewhat unique but ends up being extremely predictable.

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The film starts former Disney queen Hilary Duff who has dwindled in fame but has kept a steady and healthy career in Hollywood; thankfully she hasn’t gone the way of Lindsay Lohan.

She is most famous for her role on the Disney Channel show Lizzie Mc Guire.

Ultimately I think fans of Hilary Duff will find great entertainment from the film as she does a solid job in the role, but as a whole it is really mediocre, even when taking into consideration that it is made for television.

‘Beauty & the Briefcase’ is a light chick flick which delivers somewhat, but fails to be unique or deliver anything new.

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The high-def visuals didn’t always impress me, but it is obviously an upgrade from standard definition.

Fans of the film will be very pleased if not impressed by the Blu-ray presentation.

The film is definitely a chick flick and male audiences may find the lead character unlikable due to the storyline.

The film is basically about a journalist who hopes to land an article in Cosmopolitan magazine by dating businessmen and telling about it, she basically messes with a bunch of men and their hearts.

Colors are warm and well produced, blacks are solid throughout.

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