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And I don’t mean this in the way that I always read on others’ blogs when they are bemoaning how they can’t seem to keep up with work, the kids, the housework and the ever-increasing demands of everyday life. Even if I were to be blessed with superhero powers (beyond my incredible capacity to eat large amounts of ice cream), I’m not sure I’d use them. I was watching Lord of the Rings the other night with Chef, and just before nodding off (much to his chagrin, considering it is one of his favorite movies), I said, “Why don’t they just bury the damn ring? It seems to me Frodo could have very easily just buried the ring nice and deep in the ground and held off the Dark Lord for a bit. Maybe he could work out a deal with the Dark Lord where he could get a seat in his new evil dark-lordy administration. And told him that my victory shouldn’t make him feel any less like a man. One of my agency’s clients is Rioja Wines, and they are holding a contest for the staff of my agency to see who can get the most entries for a sweepstakes.

” In case you aren’t familiar, the Lord of the Rings follows a hobbit named Frodo on his quest to destroy this very powerful ring that the Dark Lord Sauron is trying to obtain for evil purposes. When I told Chef my theory, he looked at me in amazement. I watched the second one with him and fell asleep during that one as well. They gave each of us a personalized link, where our friends and family can simply enter their email address and zip code for the chance to win a pair Manolo Blahniks, an i Pad2 or a wine party for 20 from Rioja Wines.

Growing up, he had two main catch phrases that will forever be etched in my brain: Now, what’s significant about these phrases is that they both provided good reasons why I never participated in any team sports.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and team sports cost money.

Frodo has to endure many obstacles as he travels to Mordor to dispose of the ring, risking life and limb in order to save the people of Middle-Earth. It was similar to the look he gave me earlier in the movie when I noted that all the hobbits had curly hair. Blah blah blah, epic battle against evil, blah blah blah you aren’t paying attention to the right things, blah blah blah, you just don’t get The Lord of the Rings. And while I love zombies and zombie movies, if they attacked, you can trust that I’m not going to be on the front lines fighting them. If I get the most people to enter, I could win a 0 gift card. And all you have to do to help me out is enter the contest at this link by Saturday, January 14.

Most people would watch this movie and root Frodo on. Had he ever noticed the sheer number of actors with curly hair in this movie? Let’s just say I think Chef lost a little bit of love for me in that moment. You’ll likely find me holed up somewhere, Wal-Mart or my apartment, riding out the zombie attack and waiting for the military to come save me. It all started on an innocent afternoon, when I wanted to find out what the ruckus was all about with Words with Friends. Suddenly, I found myself strategizing my moves, agonizing over which letters to choose. By entering, you’ll be signing up for the Rioja wine community, but trust me, if you don’t love it, it’s really easy to unsubscribe.

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