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Given that King George VI died in 1952, it stands to reason that King's Crown Staybrite insignia is quite rare.

It is almost impossible to repair scratched or broken A/A insignia.

Shortly after, many parts of the uniform would start using zippers as a way to keep them fastened.

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The US has more internet users than the UK, and therefore more Americans are likely to see our web site than Brits.

We are concerned that some of our phraseology may not cross the Atlantic as well as intended.

Dress uniforms take the traditional route to mirror a business suit.

This introduction is aimed at people with little or no knowledge of collecting British military insignia.

The word Bakelite comes from its inventor LH Baekeland (1863-1944).

Often used by other dealers to describe WW2 economy issue insignia.The zipper on the ACU blouse is heavy duty and far more durable than zippers on a pair of blue jeans.The zipper is useful on the blouse for ease of access.It may be that you want an item connected with your family history, you want to get a badge for a friend, or you are trying to identify a badge.This is also a good place to include Anglo-American translations of collecting terminology.Buttons on the trousers serve a completely different purpose. Think of how many times you’ve seen people’s zipper down and you’ll get one of the reasons why they decided to avoid that.

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