Dating someone with schizoid personality disorder

Trump’s narcissism is an entirely different animal from other presidents.’ He is a narcissistic sociopath — a malignant narcissist — which means that he shows all the signs of someone with NPD as well as those of Antisocial Personality Disorder.It’s extremely dangerous for any nation when it elects a leader with this particular combination of Cluster B disorders.That’s why Trump can’t work with Democrats or liberals and why he regularly demeans and insults them, something no other Republican president has ever done.

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Dating someone with schizoid personality disorder

Nixon was also a narcissist, and in many ways his actions during Watergate and the hearings that followed mirrored Trump’s, but even he had his limits and eventually resigned, apologizing to the American people — which proves even Nixon still had a conscience.

Nixon also accomplished good things during his presidency — he created the EPA and expanded Medicare and Social Security.

One must be competitive and like being in the public eye.

People with high levels of narcissism are attracted to professions that put them in the public eye or give them power and influence over others.

He made fun of the Mayor of San Juan and said the people weren’t helping themselves enough (even though under the circumstances, they had no way of doing so without outside help).

After two of the recent hurricanes, he told people who had lost their homes to “have a good time.” What president with an ounce of empathy says that?

Dictators and despots throughout history have had the same dangerous pathology as Trump.

Devoid of a conscience or any sense of accountability to their country or their people, they believe themselves to be above the law and their actions are thoroughly corrupt and cruel. In fact, they lie even when it’s not necessary to lie, because they literally can’t see the truth.

No other president has held meetings in which his cabinet members are required to shower praise on him, as if he’s some two-bit dictator in a banana republic.

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