Dating someone who rejected you

never stooping so low to let a fragile ego take over and throw a tantrum "well, who would want a pig like you anyway" or whatever... the way a guy handles rejection can sometimes make you get a second notice very quickly.Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.Since there is no romance, you need not pursue her in that way. Personally, absent positive signs, I'd either disappear or, at best, treat her like an ex; cordial but uncaring; polite disinterest. asking someone out for a date has nothing to do with "having a relationship"... just so you know up front in case you wanted to "hang around and see if she magically reciprocated those feelings one day" do you like hanging out with her? If I like someone, I dont make a mystery about it, I dont have any hidden agenda, and when a girl with a coy smile asks me like she doesnt know "why are you looking at me that way".. you would be amazed how sexy women think it is when guy knows what he wants and not wishy washy about it.

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Phil as he is commonly called), rejection is number one fear among human beings.

When you are rejected in one way or another, you fail to satisfy this important need.

One of the hardest areas to be rejected is romantic love.

The suffering that comes with this type of rejection is considerably harder than in most other types.

The intensity of negative emotions will gradually fade, although you will definitely continue having good days and bad days.

Little by little you will learn to enjoy your life again and will start noticing other available options.

I haven't had a girlfriend so I'm more or less in a hurry to get one. Why waste your time when she's already made it clear where you stand.

I feel that if I ignore her then her doubts would be vindicated. I know I know, your mind thinks that maybe you can win her can't. People don't lie to spare other people; people lie to spare themselves.

You do not want to get yourself into a psudo-boyfriend situation where she monopolizes your free time & keeps you from meeting other women. also, if she really wants to be just friends she shouldn't have any problem introducing you to her single friends. When I see 'friends' becoming an ego validation exercise, I disappear.

Tell us about her proactive efforts in that regard. If it's 'real', you'll value the friendship she offers through her interest, care and concern.

Should I just still say hello, but also do nothing more? Why would you not want to be friendly to her anymore? My point is: it's not like you've to stop talking to her - just be 'above it all'. Any relationship requires a meeting of the minds as far as what the rules of that relationship are.

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