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Furthermore, this study found that 70% of Armenians find LGBT people to be "strange." The younger generation of Armenians still remain very unknowledgeable about many LGBT issues, likely attributed to the family culture where young people live at home until they reach the primary goal for many Armenians, heterosexual marriage.Many LGBT people claim to fear violence in their workplace or from their family, and therefore, are said to not file complaints of claimed human rights violations or of criminal offences.

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Even though Armenia was the first nation in the region to endorse the UN declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity in December 2008, as of 2017, there is no legislation protecting LGBT persons from discrimination.

Surveys show that 50% of people in Armenia would "walk away indifferently" if they were witnessing violence against an LGBT person, highlighting the strongly-embedded cultural belief against homosexuality.

The abolition of the anti-gay law along with the death penalty was among Armenia's pre-accession conditions to the Council of Europe back in 2001.

In December 2002, the Azgayin Zhoghov (National Assembly) approved the new penal code in which the anti-gay article was removed.

Between 1920-1991, Armenia was part of the Soviet Union.

Until 2003, the legislation of Armenia followed the corresponding Section 121 from the former Soviet Union Penal Code, which only specifically criminalized anal intercourse between men.The mediatization of his case signed the first gay "coming out" in Armenia.The age of consent is 16, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.Lesbian and non-penetrative gay sex between consenting adults was not explicitly mentioned in the law as being a criminal offence.The specific article of the Penal Code was 116, dating back to 1936, and the maximum penalty was 5 years.Many LGBT Armenians fear being socially outcast by their friends and families, causing them to keep their sexual orientation or gender identity secret.

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