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And while at the Opry electric guitars were banned, it was welcome on the Hayride - Looking north on North Gloster Street, Tupelo, Mississippi on September 1, 1948. The hill at the top is where Gloster and Mc Cullough cross today.This is the same road the Presley family traveled when they left Tupelo for Memphis in 1948. The ground-floor efficiency was only a brisk walk from Beale Street, and it was close to the growing downtown business section.The balustrade was decorated all around with a small wrap of velvet, and the main room had folding chairs that could be taken up for dances and basketball exhibitions.

After his military service, he opened a gun shop, but was persuaded to come back to the radio.

Along with Station Manager Henry Clay and the commercial Director, Dan Upson, he set out to establish the single Jamboree, which was a serious rival to Nashville's famous Grand Ole Opry.

The name "Louisiana Hayride" was chosen because it suggested and also localized country music.

Logan was the author of the slogan "Elvis has left the building".

It was a depressing home in a neighborhood that reeked of white poverty.

Elvis Presley never forgot the toilets, the stench from the kitchen facilities, or the degrading appearance of the makeshift rooms.Meanwhile, the restoration was carried out successfully under new owners.Municipal Auditorium and its surroundings, but also the Hayride with its tradition of voice and supporter of local and regional talent.Tom's Peanuts is in the same spot today Elvis and his family moved into a boarding house at 370 Washington Street in 1948. Today this address is nothing more than an empty lot with overgrown weeds and a chainlink fence A few weeks after they arrived in Memphis, they moved from 370 Washington Avenue (now demolished) into a small, one-room apartment located at 572 Poplar Avenue. The once luxurious house, though, was in a sad state of disrepair, and the owner neglected to maintain it.The Presley family had to share a bathroom with other tenants.At the Louisiana Hayride new artists and new musical innovations were welcome - in a way which never pulled the strictly traditional Grand Ole Opry into consideration.

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