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To date, Rollei 35 owners have had the choice of any focal length lens they want, so long as it's 40mm.

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Initially production was in Germany, with Zeiss lenses.

After several years, production was switched to Singapore with lenses made by Rollei under license from Zeiss.

Produced for only two years, the 35SE is hard to find today.

The SE, like the 35S, has a multicoated HFT lens focusing down to 3 feet.

Unfortunately many other manufacturers followed Roller's lens choice on their own compact 35's of the late 60's and 70's.

40mm is a kind of in-between focal length, too long to be a wide angle, and too short to be a useful normal.

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This is the first single-use camera from Rollei that you can process in standard black and white chemicals.

Variations existed mostly in terms of lenses, metering systems, and special commemorative finishes.

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