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Think of Media Options as part of your business- your Domain Advisory Team.

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Members eligible to participate receives an email on February 1 with instructions on how to cast their vote. If yes, apply to IFT's Emerging Leaders Network Program, which kicks off with a 2.5-day seminar at IFT18 in Chicago. now available on video on demand, including Hulu and i Tunes.

This thoughtful documentary, explores food-related challenges we face globally, the critical role that science will play in addressing them, and the public perceptions and misperceptions involving the science of food.

Author of the book Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus, Doctor Kathleen Bogle, reports that their definition is intentionally vague.

In an interview with “Teen Vogue”, however, she added that the definition of the term always “involves sexual activity” that ranges anywhere between “kissing” and sexual “intercourse, outside of a [monogamous] relationship.” Bucknell sociologist William Flack has been conducting research on casual sex for almost 17 years.

If so, before diving into the hook-up pool, do your homework.

Look for attractive individuals who have profiles similar to yours.

With further advancements in electronics, came various smartphone dating apps.

Soon singles were not only hooking up with little more effort than a swipe of a finger but they could even compare dating sites from one electronic device to the other.

Per Idaho Code, Title 65, Chapter 5, the City of Coeur d'Alene will afford a preference to employment of veterans.

In the event of equal qualifications and experience between candidates for an available position, a veteran who qualifies will be preferred.

He agrees with “Teen Vogue” and other sources that people today do not have any trouble hooking up.

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