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The majority of the lessons are very practical, day-to-day, meant for the modern professional.The business and social graces courses already sold out. They sold out within probably the first 48 hours, which is fantastic. Now we network online, and when you go to networking events, maybe you leave with one or two business cards and an email, you don’t really get that much out of it.The social graces classes are going to cover moving into a group and how to approach somebody — the dos and don’ts that everybody should know but don’t — everything from posture and how to hold yourself to, it sounds funny, but I would say even how a lady crosses her legs versus how a man should cross his.

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Grab a drink from the Omaha Bar and enjoy partying Plaza-style with free nightly entertainment.

Well, I have been going so nonstop, like, I haven't even had a moment to process it really.

If you’re walking into any room, whether for business or social purposes, you have seven seconds.

Body language is so important — it’s what makes you approachable.

Now, I always say, there should be no different between a man and a woman in business.

A couple generations ago, a man was taught to shake a woman’s hand more softly — now she should have a nice, firm handshake herself. We’re not just sitting here learning how to drink tea, while that is a fun little perk to the course.

We’ve had requests internationally and all over the country to do pop-ups.

For someone who thinks, who cares which hand you hold down the aisle or which fork to use at dinner, why would you say it is important?

Even a handshake — so many people have no idea how to shake a hand, and I think your handshake is your personal signature. We had a company sign up four of their employees, doing it as team-building after work.

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