Dating older men fear of pregnancy jeremy dating profiles tx

Others consider abortion a ‘womanly’ thing whose gory details they wouldn’t want to be bothered with.

Moseti knew he had been conned when the woman was unable to prove that indeed she had procured an abortion.

Why many fall for the trick Apparently, one of the reasons why men easily get conned through this method is because they dread accompanying such women to clinics for tests or abortions.

Some men, like Moseti, fear that the women can die while at it, landing them in trouble with authorities, seeing as it’s illegal. In a certain Festus’s case, he paid through the nose.

“She whined, complaining that she needs Sh20,000 and nothing less.

Urine borrowed from pregnant friends Apparently, campus girls and hustlers are very notorious for this strategy, especially when dealing with moneyed but stingy men; or generally the married types with high social standing like pastors, politicians or university lecturers.

A 29-year-old Nakuru-based front office administrator who sought anonymity intimated that, she was once an accomplice in a fake pregnancy extortion scheme, adding that it was almost normal in campus. In cases where men suspected we were lying, they insisted on carrying out the tests by themselves.Nothing scares a man like a “I have missed my periods” text message from a woman.It is even worse if the message is from your neighbour’s house girl, a random estate lady whom you have been having fun with or even a hot good time girl whom you don’t intend to marry.I tried telling her I know a place where it would only cost her Sh5,000, but she told me off.She claimed she can’t go to a dingy backstreet clinic to get infections or die while procuring an abortion,” narrates the 40-year-old self-employed graphics designer.“I threatened him to pay me to get rid of my ‘pregnancy’ or I call his wife and leak to her the dossier supported by the intimate photos we had taken during our sweet times,” she laughs.

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