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Typically this type of manipulator will freeze you out, once they realize you have got their number, and will try and find fresh pastures to manipulate, often leaving you out in the cold.

Do not succumb to guilt and self blame as that will simply draw you back into the net you sought to escape. They use criticism and judgement to control others.

These hide in plain sight behind a facade of not needing help.

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Because emotional manipulation often starts so subtly, it’s easy to assume you’re just imagining it.

But if you have any doubts about someone, listen to your gut.

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Lets face it- we think we have a choice in all that we say and do. If you have ever found yourself doing something you did not want to do, against your own will and inclination, and did it anyway – you have just been successfully manipulated. Regardless of how we feel or think about the subject of manipulation, the truth is that all of us manipulate others in some form at some time or another – even if we give it a fancy name like outcome engineering.

Never stay in a relationship hoping to “fix” an emotional abuser.

“When you’re in one of these relationships for too long, you don’t have your compass anymore,” said Coleman.Emotional manipulation is a form of abuse, and it threatens your mental health just as much as your safety.“Manipulators can’t sustain the nice guy thing too long,” says Toni Coleman, a licensed clinical social worker and relationship coach based in Mc Lean, Virginia. ” You may feel pressured into spending lots of time together and getting close before you're comfortable.They appear to be very normal, and almost impressive at first sight and as we begin to get to know them better, they are afraid that their hidden agendas may be exposed and they flee or otherwise attempt to conceal what they are attempting to get from us.Name their game and avoid defensive behavior in the face of their reaction to being exposed.Some workplace manipulators love to build you up so you end of doing more than your share of the work – “Oh, you’d be so much better at this than me! If you’re feeling manipulated by a coworker, talk to a trusted colleague, your boss, or human resources.

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